A fill-in-the-blank business plan for solo dog trainers.


Want a clear outline of what you needed to prep for your new dog training business? 
Tired of Googling and scanning Facebook discussions for what you should do next?
Feel like you're missing pieces of the dog training business puzzle?
Starting out solo and without a facility?
(No, you don't need a facility to have a successful dog training business.)

This is the perfect business plan for you. 

A Dog Training Business Plan Template Built For You
While there are many business plan templates available for free on the web, none of them are built for the specific needs of a solo dog training business owner starting out without a facility or employees. As a solo dog training business owner myself, I've been in your shoes and know all the pieces of the puzzle that need to be combined for a successful dog training business. 
About This Dog Training Business Plan Template
14-Page Template For Solo Dog Trainers

This business plan dives into the specifics you'll need to outline for your new dog training business. From market analysis and initial expenses to dog training service offerings and pricing strategies, this business plan will help you plan out your business successfully.​​​​​​
Executive Summary
Dog Training Market Analysis
Operational Plans
Marketing Plan
Initial Start Up Costs
Service Offerings
Pricing Strategy For Dog Trainers
12-Month Revenue Forecast
"Ines McNeil is the perfect blend of dog trainer and business builder. She brings a clear understanding of the trials and tribulations of being a dog trainer with the expert acumen of marketing and audience targeting. Her desire to help people build the business of their dreams drives her to provide ideas and support for all members of the dog training industry. Combining a love of dogs and a love of business, Ines shines as an encouraging voice for those struggling with the intricacies of running their own business."
Kat Camplin, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, Owner/Trainer Romping Dogs

I've decided to build this business plan template because I have yet to see a business plan that was relevant to solo dog training business owners starting out without a facility and employees. In fact, I'd argue that most dog trainers don't have either. As a dog trainer for over 10 years, I know how important it is to understand your business plan and this template goes a long way in helping new dog trainers plan their's out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than a business plan I can find for free?
There are many different business plans available online for free, but none of them are specifically designed for solo dog trainers. In this template, I include space for you to outline details specific to dog training services, prices, policies, insurance, and more. If you're committed to taking your dog training business venture seriously, this is the perfect place to start. 
Do I need a business plan to start my business?
While some dog trainers never have a business plan, if you're ready to make an impact in your community and build a sustainable business you'll need a single place to jot down details about your target market, services, budget, marketing strategy, and sales goals like you can in this dog training business plan template. 
What is the checkout process like? How do I get the template after I checkout?
The checkout tool I use is called Gumroad. It is a safe and secure checkout that delivers your digital download to your inbox. Please email me at if you have any issues or questions. 
Who is this business plan template for?
This plan is best for dog trainers that are starting their own business by themselves. It is perfect for you if you're likely provide the dog training services yourself, you're not opening a facility immediately, and you don't have employees to manage.  
Who should not purchase this template?
This business plan is not for dog trainers looking to open a facility or hire employees immediately.  Also, if you have already purchased a business plan from somewhere else, you may find some pieces of this plan repetitive.