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You CAN do it.
I've been in your shoes.  
When I started my first dog training business, I spent over 20 hours researching how to form an LLC - and I hadn't even begun to learn about my new tax responsibilities.

Navigating the government's website trying to find the right information made me go cross-eyed. Their website is NOT user friendly - let alone new business owner friendly.

I found myself asking: "Does this apply to me?" "What taxes do I have to pay exactly? And where do I pay them?" I know I lost several nights of sleep wondering if I was missing something or if I was doing it correctly. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
Why did I persevere through that painful process? Because I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I knew I could help dogs and their owners in my community. I knew I wanted to share the rewards of using positive reinforcement based training. Seeing clients make new and even more powerful connections with their dogs brought happy tears to my eyes and I knew I wanted to make this my full-time gig. 

I've since started up a dog training business in two states because of a move across the country and knew I could do the most good by sharing what I've learned with others. My goal is to help other trainers share their craft with their communities - we need more professional positive reinforcement based dog trainers out there! 

Be confident you're starting up your business correctly. 
Stop hesitating. Make a commitment to yourself and your future.
Receive one email a week with step-by-step instructions so you can easily take action and make progress. 
Each module will have a handout to help you take action.  
Get life-time access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions and share your challenges.
Stop worrying about being a perfectionist. Take steps each week to get your dog training business started.
Learn what, when, and where to file important government documents for filing an LLC and taxes. 
Make a difference for dogs and dog owners in your community by becoming a professional dog trainer. 
Stop underestimating yourself. Let's do this together. 
Let me walk you through the steps of starting up your dog training business. This course will save you hours upon hours of research and you can be confident you're taking the right steps and decisions. 
Course Modules
Module 1: Prepare with the Right Mindset
Learn what it will take to get your business started - mentally, emotionally, and financially.  

Module 2: How to Formally Establish Your Business – The Logistics
Learn how to choose a name. Understand why you need an LLC and how to set it up.

Module 3: Insurance is Non-negotiable as a Dog Trainer
Learn about the different insurance options you have and what you truly need. 

Module 4: Tax Responsibilities as a Small Business Owner/Self-Employed Person
Understand how to prepare for taxes and how to find a good CPA. 

Module 5: Setting up a Business Bank Account
Learn about the different banks and credit unions, determine the right one for you, and how to open an account.

Module 6: Managing and Tracking Customers with the Right Software
Learn about why having the right software is important and how to find the right one for you.
Module 7: Deciding on Services You Should Offer
Learn about your options, zoning limitations, and how to prevent seasonal luls in business.

Module 8: Setting up Your Website Quickly and Correctly
Get your new website built in one week. Learn about SEO and UX for an optimal website. 

Module 9: Perfecting Your Pricing
Understand your options for pricing and develop a pricing strategy that works for you. 

Module 10: Establishing Policies that will Protect You Financially and Mentally
Draft up policies on liability waivers, contracts, cancellation policies, appointment policies that will help you better serve your clients.   

Module 11: Setting Up Social Media Profiles and Getting Listed on Online Directories
Set up social media profiles and learn how to use social media without it becoming a time-suck.

Module 12: How to Make Google and Facebook Ads to Generate Inquiries Immediately
Step-by-step instructions to launching pay-per-click campaigns on Google and Facebook. 

Weekly Delivery of Modules by Email

Receive all lesson materials via email. This means, you'll always have access to the materials. 
Lifetime Access to Our Exclusive Facebook Group

Share your experiences and challenges while learning from others! Access additional resources in the group's file section. ​One hour each week I also provide feedback and recommendations depending on your unique situation.

Handout with Every Module
Every module comes with a custom handout. Handouts include checklists, templates, or a list of questions to ask before making a purchase.
Audio Downloads or Video Tutorials
Some modules will include audio versions of the lesson so you can listen to it. Other modules will have video tutorials to help you visualize the steps.

Newly Added to the Course!

Dog Training Business Plan Template ($99 Value)

14-Page Template For Solo Dog Trainers

This business plan dives into the specifics you'll need to outline for your new dog training business. From market analysis and initial expenses to dog training service offerings and pricing strategies, this business plan will help you plan out your business successfully.
New Business Template Bundle ($199 Value)
This bundle of important business document templates has been so popular that we're including it in this course on top of the course lessons and handouts! 
Having the right forms, emails, and handouts will demonstrate your professionalism and set your clients up for success, but getting all the right paperwork together can be tedious and extremely time-consuming!
Templates included: 
1. New Client Intake Form (7 pages)
2. New Client Welcome Info Packet (4 pages)
3. Follow Up Email Templates (for New Clients and Past Customers) 
4. Lesson Overview & Client Homework Template (4 pages)
5. Case Study Template (4 pages)
6. Separation Anxiety Intake Form
7. Reactivity Intake Form (6 pages)
8. Bite History Intake Form
9. Resource Guarding Intake Form
10. Photo Release Form
Save hours of your time by only spending it on some more important parts of getting your business started. 
Dog Training Business Expert Interviews
Learn how these three expert dog trainers created successful and sustainable full-time businesses. 

 Kat Camplin, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP - Full-time dog trainer in Californa
Brian Burton, CDBC, KPA-CTP - Co-founder of a large, successful facility in NYC
Michael Shikashio, CDBC  - IAABC President & reknown dog aggression expert
What Participants are Saying

"I liked how it was broken down and especially that the tone of it was extremely helpful and supportive. It is very nerve wracking to be starting your own business, so to have and feel support makes a huge difference. One of the main ways that it helped me was to know how to appropriately protect myself legally. It’s a topic that no one wants to talk about, but it’s a necessity if you’re going to be a dog trainer. Another way is it helped me with knowing how to build my website and how to market myself. These things are essential in today’s world. You have to have an online presence and you have to get your name out there."​ Zane Brown
When does this course start? 
You can purchase the course with the button below and receive your first lesson today! 

Everyone is at a different part of their journey to starting their own businesses so this course is always open for enrollment. Essentially, it starts when you're ready to make the commitment to becoming a professional dog trainer. 
Pricing Options

There are two pricing options so that everyone can participate and get the guidance they need.

+12 Modules w/ Audio or Video Tutorials 
+ 12 Handouts to Print
+ Dog Training Business Plan Template ($99 value)
+ Lifetime Facebook Group Membership 
+ 10 Customizable Templates ($199 value)
+ 3 Dog Training Business Expert Interviews

​Join our Facebook group and check the group description for a 25% discount!

$1299 ​(Save $50)
3 Monthly Payments
$449 /month
"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyways."
Earl Nightingale
Worried about the cost?

This course will set you up to be successful! Can you afford to make costly mistakes on tactics that won't help your business?

What if you leave yourself vulnerable to liabilities because you didn't know something?

How much time can you afford to waste before you get your business up and running?

This course is an investment in yourself - just like those seminars, books, and DVDs you've purchased to learn about dog training. 

If you want to start a legitimate business that can support you for years to come, you have to be ready to invest in your business as well as your dog training skills. 

This course will give you direction so you can reach your goals more quickly and begin a great career as a dog trainer.
FAQ About This Course
What would happen if I didn’t take this course?
Assuming you're serious about getting your business started this year and actually want to turn a profit, it would probably take you 3x to 5x the amount of time to​ do that without this course. You'll likely spend over 100 hours researching topics like LLCs, insurance, liabilities, managing clients, making a website, and more. This course is meant to speed up that process by providing you the information you need, when you need it, and with the next steps laid out in front of you.

​Additionally, research won't be able to provide you with industry-related insights into how you can best manage your business and clients like I can as someone with 10 years of experience in dog training. I'm here to prevent you from making some detrimental mistakes that could lead to bad reviews, burnout, or even lawsuits if you're not careful.

Lastly, this course comes with a unique group of people in a similar situation that are great to collaborate with and I'll be there contributing ideas and recommendations all along the way. I want to help you start tand run your dream dog training business!

How will I access the lesson material? 
Have you noticed that every online product out there is now asking for a subscription? I have and I hate it! If you pay for any of The Modern Dog Trainer products, you get to keep them for life. For this course, the lesson and included materials will be emailed to you once a week. You'll get access to our exclusive Facebook group immediately in the first lesson once you sign up. Once the lesson is in your inbox, you can download it and access it forever. 

Does this course qualify for any CEUs? 
Yes! As of August 5th, 2017, all new course participants will receive 5 CEUs with the CCPDT. 
How do I know if I'll be successful?
I won't make any guarantees, but I'll do everything in my power to provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your business. This 12 week course is packed full of important information and step-by-step instructions to help you take the right steps and make significant progress with your business. 

Additionally, the last few modules teach you how to market yourself even if you don't have any relationships with local veterinarians or pet stores. I'll teach you how to utilize online marketing to generate new client inquiries immediately upon establishing your business structure, policies, and insurance. I'll walk you through how to build your own website and how to use social media and Google to attract new clients. 

Online marketing can generate the calls you need to start acquiring new clients quickly and efficiently without spending hours developing handouts for veterinarians or local businesses. 

This course sounds way too good to be true. What's the catch?
I've had course participants tell me this before they joined. It makes me smile ear to ear because I've been in your shoes and I know the challenges you're up against - only I didn't have anyone to help me when I was going through it and pursuing my dream. I am truly excited to help you become a professional dog trainer with a successful business. This course sounds too good to be true, but it's not! It's exactly what I would have wanted when I was just starting out and deciding to go fulltime.

​​​​​​​It could have saved me so much time, given me the confidence to know I was doing the right thing, and helped me create a great business from the beginning. 

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There are two pricing options so that everyone can participate and get the guidance they need.

+12 Modules w/ Audio or Video Tutorials 
+ 12 Handouts to Print
+ Dog Training Business Plan Template ($99 value)
+ Lifetime Facebook Group Membership 
+ 10 Customizable Templates ($199 value)
+ 3 Dog Training Business Expert Interviews

​Join our Facebook group and check the group description for a 25% discount! 
$1299 ​(Save $50)
3 Monthly Payments
$449 /month
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